Arizona Peace Trail – Day 3 – Cibola to Ehrenberg

Hi folks!
Dave and Janice back with Day 3 of our 7-day, 6 night, 750+ mile Arizona Peace Trail adventure with our friend Michel.

The AZPT is an off highway vehicle trail in Western Arizona, running between Yuma in the south and Bullhead City to the north. The trail features a variety of recreation opportunities for off-roading enthusiasts. The trail loops through Yuma, La Paz, and Mojave counties.

After having set up camp in the dark along the side of the trail somewhere near Cibola at the end of Day 2, we woke up to find we had camped next to an old cemetery. We checked it out before hitting the trail. Along the way we had a nice drive along the shores of the Colorado River, explored a 100+ year old abandoned cabin, checked out and old ferry site along the Colorado, and encountered some very strange but interesting “artifacts” in the desert just as we were entering the Yuma Proving Grounds. Hmmm.

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Thanks for joining us!

D & J

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