How to Increase RV Storage – Add Shelves

In this video we show you how to Increase RV storage by adding shelves and dividers to existing cupboards and drawers.

Sufficient storage space always seems to be an issue in RVs. We would always like to increase storage space as much as possible.

If you saw our Momentum 397TH Tour Video you will have noticed the modifications we made to add shelves to some of our cupboards and dividers in some drawers. This video takes you through the process we took to make that all happen.

We made these modifications right before we sold our “sticks and bricks” home and officially started full time RV living. At that time Dave still had his well equipped work shop available to him. Don’t let that scare you away from doing these modifications if you don’t have the same sort of equipment. We give you tips and tricks for doing all of the changes using standard hand tools you might have with you if you are full time RV living.

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Janice and Dave

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