Motorcycle ride and a long walk on the beach – La Manzanilla

Hi folks. Dave and Janice back with you.

I guess we are still compatible with one another – we both like motorcycling and long walks on the beach 😂

In this video we take you on a long motorcycle ride to, and a long walk on the beach in, La Manzanilla, Mexico. It’s a 5 hour ride from Ajijic, where we spent the bulk of the month of March, to La Manzanilla which is on the Pacific coast. It was a beautiful ride and an equally beautiful beach to walk on.

We rode on Federal Highway 80 virtually the entire way. It features tons of twisties and hills as it passes over two mountain ranges. We both had a blast even if we were suffering from a bit of monkey butt 😂! A super speacial thanks to our good friend Andrew for loaning us his Harley for the month. Wow! So generous!

We spent three nights in La Manzanilla in a small “rustic” cabin right on the beach! After walking up to the sound of the surf, our morning walk took us from one end of the beach to the other and back again for a total of 10k (6.2 mi). It was easy walking though because the sand packs quite hard along the water’s edge. Lots to see along the way.

Thanks for joining us.

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