RV & Truck Maintenance

This page lists many of the items we use regularly for cleaning and maintaining both our RV and our truck.

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We like to hand-wash our RV and truck. The truck is black, and the RV has a full paint job, so water spots were always a problem until we purchased a D.I. Rinse Pro system. We got the smaller of the two models they offer just to limit the amount of space it takes up in the trailer storage bay. They do seem expensive at first glance but when you compare it to what RV wash services charge, they are very economical. The water that comes out is so free of minerals that drying is not required. The water evaporates and leaves nothing behind.

This telescoping ladder is not just a maintenance tool for us – we also use it inside the trailer to get to the top bunk in the garage area as well as the single bunk that we have converted to a storage area. It’s way lighter than the ladders that came with the trailer and easier to store as well. The 12.5′ size would have been better for outside work but given it mostly gets used inside we opted for the shorter 8.5′ model to minimize weight and size. It’s important when choosing a telescoping ladder to get one that meets the new 2019 ANSI/OSHA standards for safety compliance and duty rating. Many “knockoff” brands are not approved to North American standards, or any standards for that matter. When safety of life and limb is concerned, don’t cheap out! Also look for an “anti-pinching” feature when choosing a ladder. Without it you are setting yourself up for a nasty hurt.

This is the mating plug that fits the Furrion solar outlet on the front of many RVs. We use it as a general purpose 12v outlet using one of these plugs.